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How to Prevent Overnight Hair Tangles

Waking up with a morning bedhead is every girl's worst nightmare, and if you have curls then there’s no hope for rescuing those locks without the help of a detangling conditioner! In fact, we’d bet that all those curly haired men with long tresses out there can relate to these scenarios too. Tangles can be caused by a number of different factors such as hair type and texture as well external factors, however these can be altered in order to improve your routine. Read on as we go over three top tips that should help prevent your hair from tangling overnight...

Secure your hair with protective hairstyles

The worst thing that you can do to your hair is forgo protective hairstyles whilst you are sleeping, especially if you still sleep on cotton. This is because the strands of hair are more likely to rub against one another as you toss and turn and this can cause them to become tangled. By securing your hair in a bun, ponytail or braid as you sleep, you can reduce the friction that is created and prevent your tresses from creating unruly knots as you sleep.

Swap your cotton pillowcase for silk

Silk is harvested from silkworms which makes it a natural fibre. Each piece is coated in a protein known as sericin which makes silk irresistibly smooth and silky, and this means that sleeping on the material can actually protect your hair and prevent tangles from forming throughout the night. The number one cause of tangled hair is a cotton pillowcase because these fibres are rough and snag each strand rather than allow the hair to glide over the surface like silk does. If you’re fed up with frizzy, tangled hair then it may be time to invest in a silk pillowcase.

Avoid elastic hair ties

Although they’re convenient, elastic hair ties can be severely damaging to your hair because they secure your hair so tightly that it can contribute to breakage and may even exacerbate split ends. If you’re struggling to remove an elastic hair tie in the morning because your hair has become tangled around it then your hair may be crying out for a more gentle alternative. Silk scrunchies forgo the restrictive nature of elastic and allow your hair to glide through for uber comfort and a frizz-free morning.

Here at DREAMSILK, our silk products are designed with hair care in mind in order to reduce frizz and help you fall in love with your curls all over again. Sometimes the biggest contributing factor to your frizzy locks can be your pillowcase as the rough texture is notorious for snagging at the strands and tangling them around one another. To find out how silk can change your life, speak to a member of the team today.


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