- Silky soft and gentle on your locks. Avoid the morning frizz and say good morning to your super smooth hair.

Completely Natural

- A completely natural and hypoallergenic silk sleep mask designed by our team of experts


- Unlike cotton, luxurious silk locks your lotions and potions into your skin. Your hydrated skin will thank you in the morning!

Anti-Sleep Crease?

Sleep creases can become ironed in over the years. Pure silk is the must-have beauty treatment helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines

The Mulberry Manifesto



DREAMSILK™ was founded by two siblings who were growing tired of the mediocre sleep they were getting each night.

The endless distraction from mobiles and artificial light, bed rooms which allowed light to seep through and their dusty old cotton pillowcases all hindered their desire to get a proper nights rest.

After sleeping with an eye mask one bed night and re-discovering how nourishing a deep, undisturbed sleep in blackout darkness was, James knew that a silk eye mask would take the sleep experience to new heights.

Thus DREAMSILK was born; to beautify the sleep experience with silk and help others dream blissfully. DREAMSILK's silk pyjamas, bedding and accessories aspire to spread the splendour of a silken slumber.

Not only is silk amazing at blocking out light, it also feels incredibly soft on your skin and is hypo-allergenic, making it the perfect companion for your pillowcases, eye masks and pyjamas.

The only thing left is to believe and try it for yourself! 

At DREAMSILK™, we pride ourselves on delivering a superb customer experience.

You can be safe in the knowledge that we have yet to receive a single customer return. This speaks volumes about the quality of the silk you will receive from us and is why we are confident in our 100 day returns guarantee.

The Mulberry Manifesto