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What Causes an Unruly Morning Bedhead?

A bad hair day is nobody’s idea of fun, however taming an unruly bed head is not a task for the faint hearted. If you’ve come to realise that your morning routine is being dictated by the overnight behaviour of your hair then there may be a few reasons why that morning bed head just seems to keep on reappearing. Here’s what the DREAMSILK team believes could be the cause of all your woes and worries...

Forgoing protective overnight hairstyles

Whether you have curls that would make a young man swoon or subtle yet glamorous waves, the act of tossing and turning throughout the night without putting your locks into a protective hairstyle can cause the individual strands of hair to become tangled. Ultimately, this may lead to a morning bed head that will take the most of your morning to tame! From braids to buns, tying up your hair into protective hairstyles keeps it bound and prevents unnecessary tangling that may lead to damage overtime.

Sleeping with wet hair

It takes the average person's hair around 2-3 hours to air dry completely, however those with thick locks may find that they’re waiting anywhere between 5-6 hours instead! As such, it can be tempting to sleep with wet hair as the general notion is that it will be dry in the morning, and this may be true for many people. With this said, you may risk a morning bed head this way as hair is a lot more delicate when it is wet and therefore more prone to tangling. As such, you should avoid sleeping on hair that is soaked and instead allow it to dry for several hours beforehand. For the best result, sleeping on dry hair in a protective hairstyle will prevent tangles.

The rough fibres of a cotton pillowcase

If you’ve exhausted all your options and protective hairstyles just aren’t cutting it then you may be at a loss for the cause of your morning bed head, however a lot of curly haired girls and guys aren’t aware of the impact that a cotton pillowcase can have. Characterised by rough fibres, the hair tugs on the pillowcase throughout the night which can encourage tangling and create untamable frizz in the morning, even with the use of protective hairstyles. Instead, it may be wise to consider replacing cotton with the luxuriously smooth fibres of silk.

Sometimes it only takes a few simple changes to make a vast improvement to a particular problem, especially one that has been ongoing for quite some time. DREAMSILK have designed and manufactured 100% silk pillowcases that offer all the benefits of a frizz-free nights sleep. This is because the natural fibres of silk are so luxuriously soft that the hair will glide straight across the pillowcase, reducing tangles and preventing that untamable morning bed head we’ve all come to dread. Check out the selection of colours for yourself today!


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