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The Difference Between Silk and Satin

There is a common misconception that silk and satin are two cuts of the same cloth, however this couldn’t be further from the truth. Here at DREAMSILK, we want to reinforce the benefits of sleeping on silk in order to change the lives of our readers and we believe the first step in this process is defining the ways in which it is different from satin. After all, they may look similar to the untrained eye, but you won’t wake with luxuriously soft locks from sleeping on a satin pillowcase! Read on to find out all the answers…

Satin is often cheaper but lacks the quality of silk

Silk comes from the fibres that are produced by silkworm insects and harvesting it is in an incredibly delicate process that can be quite time consuming. After all, silk is required from 100’s of silk worms in order to produce just one single thread! As such, attire that is crafted from the natural fibres of silk is often seen as expensive when it is directly compared to satin, which is a lot cheaper. With this said, the affordability of satin often correlates with its reduced quality as it is silk that possess luxuriously smooth fibres that are so beneficial for both the hair and skin. Many people often consider silk to be an investment in one's health and wellbeing as the quality almost always reflects the higher cost.

Silk is a natural fibre whereas satin is synthetic

Although they may look quite similar, satin is actually a synthetic material known as a weave, and the fibres are not natural. It can be characterised by one glossy side and one dull side whereas silk is often glossy and smooth on both sides. Satin is typically crafted from a collection of materials such as nylon, rayon, polyester and may even include silk, however this combination lacks the smoothness of pure, 100% silk. As such, satin will never be able to provide the same benefits as true silk because the other materials are working against the natural, smooth texture.

Silk is renowned for being a natural fibre that offers unbeatable softness and it is this characteristic that allows the hair to glide across attire that has been crafted from the fibres, such as our silk pillowcases. Whether you’re cursed with an untamable morning bedhead or can no longer cope with frizzy curls, the DREAMSILK team has the answer you never knew could work - silk! To find out more information about how silk can make a difference to your life, get in contact with a member of the team today.

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