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The Benefits of Silk Pyjamas

Have you ever thought about sourcing an alternative to your cotton nightwear? Here’s your sign from the DREAMSILK team to do so! Silk pyjamas are the most luxurious investment you’ll ever make in order to improve your quality of sleep and there are a number of benefits that the soft texture of silk can have on the body. Read on as we go over some of the benefits that you can expect to receive when you start sleeping in silk...

Gentle on your skin throughout the night

If you currently sleep in cotton pyjamas then you may be surprised to know that the fibres are known to irritate the skin. This is because they are characteristically rough and may rub against your skin as you sleep, causing a range of blemishes that are difficult to deal with when you continue to sleep in cotton. Pyjamas made from silk are naturally soft because the fibres are coated in a protein called sericin that ‘glues’ each fibre together to create unbelievable comfort. Unlike cotton, silk pyjamas protect your skin and are irresistibly gentle which can be life changing for those with sensitive skin.

Silk helps the skin retain its natural moisture

Another bone we have to pick with cotton is its moisture absorbing qualities. Whilst this works well as a component of sportswear, it isn’t the most ideal quality in nightwear because it can leave the skin feeling dry and rough. The smoothness of silk means that wearing pyjamas made from this material will protect your skin and allow it to retain its natural moisture levels throughout the night. This results in supple and silky smooth skin that you won’t be able to get enough of!

Helps regulate your temperature

Silk is a remarkably clever material and the fibres create a natural thermal regulator. You might think that wearing silk pyjamas in the summer would be a big mistake, however this is one of the biggest misconceptions around! Essentially, silk fibres capture air which allows heat to remain inside in winter to keep you warm and cool air to circulate during summer to keep you cool. In fact, it’s moisture wicking properties also mean that you won’t have to worry about perspiration either.

As one of the softest fibres in the world, silk gets this notable characteristic from the presence of sericin. This protein acts as a glue which coats the fibres and allows them to stick together, making silk irresistibly soft and gentle in every way it is utilised. It’s safe to say that once you start sleeping in silk pyjamas, you’ll never want to return to the rough texture of cotton again! To discuss your investment in further detail, get in contact with a member of the DREAMSILK team today.


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