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The Benefits of Silk Eye Masks

The opportunities are simply limitless when it comes to silk attire as there are a number of products that can be crafted from these luxurious fibres and implemented into your nightly routine. Whilst silk pillowcases have become mainstream and more and more people begin to associate silk with protecting the hair, the team here at DREAMSILK want to set the spotlight on some of our other products. Read on as we go over some of the benefits of silk eye masks...


The eyes are incredibly delicate organs and if you want to use an eye mask when you sleep then you need to ensure that they are being protected by materials that won’t cause irritation. Silk is luxuriously soft which means that the fibres are gentle enough to make contact with your eyes throughout the night so that you can get a peaceful nights’ sleep without worrying about the light peeking from behind the curtains in the early morning. This tenderness means that silk eye masks don’t create unnecessary pressure around the eyes and rely on restricting their movement in order to block out all light. Interestingly, this is said to help prevent morning tension headaches too.


Silk is a breathable material which means that your skin will not be negatively affected by it. In fact, a lot of curly haired girls and guys choose to invest in a silk pillowcase because the fabric allows the hair strands to maintain their natural moisture levels rather than stripping it away like cotton. Since the eyes are so delicate and need to retain moisture at all times, silk eye masks may improve their health by promoting moisture where it is needed most.

Better Sleep

Whether you’re new to eye masks or have been searching for the perfect one for years, it's safe to say that the light that peeks through the curtains each morning can wake you from even the deepest slumber. By investing in a silk eye mask, you can protect your eyes whilst also improving your quality of sleep at the same time. In fact, a lot of people find that they’re able to sleep deeper and wake up feeling significantly more rested after sleeping with a silk eye mask.

Did you know that light can affect your quality sleep? In fact, melatonin is a natural hormone that is associated with light levels and is what encourages the body to rest. A silk eye mask can block out light in order to give you that peaceful nights’ rest you’ve been looking for whilst being completely gentle on your eyes throughout. To find out more about our eye masks, check out our silk products range or get in contact with a member of the DREAMSILK team today!

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