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Pros and Cons of Silk Pyjamas

There’s no better feeling than putting on a clean set of your comfiest pyjamas and jumping under a crisp set of sheets. But what material do you opt for, cotton, linen, or maybe even polyester? How can you be sure you’re choosing the best fabric for a sound night’s sleep? Silk could offer you some unique benefits when it comes to sleeping through the night. Most people aren’t aware of the pros and cons of silk, let’s take a quick look!


Breathable but durable: Silk is known as a light material that hangs loosely from your skin, allowing your skin to breathe and preventing trapped moisture through the night. As a hydrophobic material, silk won’t absorb and hold onto moisture, instead allowing your skin to air out properly for an undisturbed sleep. But the breathability of the fabric doesn’t reduce its durability! Silk is a strong fabric and is more durable than cotton or cheaper synthesised fabrics like polyester!

Hypoallergenic: Whether it’s pet hair, dust mites, or pollen, your bed is the perfect place for the accumulation and storage of airborne allergenic particles. Bolster your defence against these mid-air menaces by wrapping your entire body in naturally hypoallergenic silk! For even greater effect, opt for silk sheets too.

Improved sleep: Did you know that silk is proven to aid in a good night’s sleep? That’s right! Pure silk is more than 97% animal proteins. These proteins contain eighteen amino acids that are sometimes affectionately referred to as the ‘sleep factor’. These amino acids nourish your skin, revitalise cells, and preventing skin aging, while also working to soothe your nerves and improving your quality of sleep!


Cold for winter: Although silk is a luxurious material with a premium feel, its light and airy nature doesn’t make for good insulation. Silk could leave you shivering on those colder winter nights, so maybe pair with a thick jumper or dressing gown for the same comfort with extra warmth!

Shrinkage: As silk is a high-quality, all-natural material, it requires an extra degree of care when washing when compared to cheaper, synthesised fabrics. If washed too often or at excessive temperatures, silk can undergo a slight shrinkage that may leave your sleeves a tad short or your waist a touch tight! To prevent this, always wash in cool temperatures and with mild detergent! Hand washing is the best way to maintain the quality of your silk.

So, while there are unique pros and cons to using silk for your nightwear, it is clear that the advantages greatly outweigh the disadvantages. It is quite easy to mitigate any potential drawbacks by ensuring you wash your silk garments properly and keeping a fluffy dressing gown handy for the winter! Meanwhile, silk can offer benefits to your sleep, skin, and allergies, all of which contribute to your health and wellbeing! To source your new pair of silk pyjamas, head over to today. 10% off with code “DREAM10”!

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