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How to Protect Your Curly Hair As You Sleep

Whether it's taken you years to fall in love with your curls or you’ve always appreciated the locks that you were blessed with, every curly haired girl or guy will know that the steps involved in maintaining and protecting your curls is no laughing matter. After all, tangles cannot be solved by running a brush through the hair unless you’re aiming to resemble a poodle! Read on as the DREAMSILK team explains how you can adjust your routine to protect your curls as you sleep…

Secure your hair using protective hairstyles

Curly hair is unique and requires a lot of upkeep in order to prevent an unruly morning bedhead. After all, nobody wants to have to soak their hair in the morning just to be able to step outside without scaring the neighbours. It’s widely known that curly hair is prone to tangles due to texture of the strands and so tossing and turning throughout the night without securing it in an up-do is a one way ticket to frizzy morning locks. For example, securing your curls with a high bun at the top of your head or braiding it can protect them from unnecessary overnight friction.

Invest in a silk pillowcase

Those with afro textured hair may prefer to protect their curls using a satin or silk bonnet which wraps around the head and creates a barrier between the hair and the cotton material of a pillowcase. After all, cotton isn’t exactly curly-hair friendly! This process has been adopted far and wide across the curly-haired community as the silky softness of silk reigns supreme over cotton.

With this said, a silk pillowcase works in a similar way to a bonnet by protecting your curls overnight from the minute your head touches the pillow. Either secure your curls in a protective hairstyle or leave them as they are and forgo any need for a bonnet as the luxuriously smooth fibres of silk allow your curls to glide unopposed. The result is soft, frizz-free locks in the morning that do not need to be tamed with a drawer-full of products and appliances. After all, curly hair is moisture deprived already without the absorption qualities of cotton taking in whatever moisture there is remaining overnight. Instead, silk allows your hair and skin to retain it’s natural moisture levels from the get-go.

Curly hair requires a lot of moisture in order to ward off dry, tangled locks as there is nothing stylish about a frizzy hair day! Whilst the products you use in your hair will say a lot about it’s condition, particularly if you have curls or afro textured hair, there’s a lot to be gained from swapping out your cotton pillowcase for silk. The smooth fibres of silk allow your curls to glide across the pillow as you sleep in order to prevent tangles and frizz in the morning. Here at DREAMSILK, we offer a 100-night guarantee so you can put our silk pillowcases to the test and see the results for yourself! To find out more information, get in contact with a member of the team today.


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