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Five Reasons to Buy a Silk Face Mask

Since the COVID-19 pandemic struck early last year, face masks have gone from being almost completely absent from Western society to being everywhere you look. It is vital to give yourself the best personal protection against infection, but with so many different mask options available, how can you know which is best? Most opt for disposable medical masks and cheap nylon or polyester fashion masks, but many do not realise that silk is one of the best materials available! Let’s take a closer look at five of the reasons to opt for a silk face mask:

1.    More effective than cheaper fabrics

Studies have shown that silk is most effective at preventing respiratory droplets - including those carrying Coronavirus - from penetrating the mask, due to its high thread count which naturally filters out the virus. Silk is also far more hydrophobic (it repels liquids) than absorbent fabrics so will collect less moisture and won’t dry out your skin!

2.    Better for your skin

Silk is a cool, smooth material to have against the sensitive skin on your face and causes far less friction than abrasive cotton masks. It’s also more breathable and so less humidity builds up between the fabric and your skin. For these reasons, silk masks are far better at preventing ‘maskne’ - acne, spots or blackheads forming under your mask - than their cheaper counterparts

3.    Better comfort

It’s no secret that silk is an opulent material – it’s been that way for literally thousands of years. The ‘Silk Road’ was a trade route connecting East and Southeast Asia with Europe and Africa, which existed from around 200BC, so it’s been a well-established luxury for much of human history! Silk face masks are no different, offering a premium comfort that cannot be matched by other materials. No more string masks digging into your ears, comfort and safety is possible!

4.    Hypoallergenic

Silk is naturally hypoallergenic. If you suffer from allergies, hay fever, or asthma, a silk mask could help you prevent and control reactions far better than other materials! Rough cheap fabrics will collect pollen and other allergens, making it impossible to get them away from your face until you can wash or change your mask. Getting a silk mask will help prevent allergic reactions or attacks!

5.    More fashionable

When it comes to buying a new mask, fashion may be top of your list of priorities or the very bottom! But there’s no denying that silk is the most sleek and stylish material available to mask buyers (except perhaps the bespoke diamond-encrusted 18 carat gold mask that sold for a cool $1.5 million!) Silk masks are available in a huge range of styles and patterns, so you are bound to find the perfect design for you!

Want to bag yourself a high-quality silk face mask at industry-beating prices? At Dreamsilk we specialist in all things silk, from pyjamas and pillowcases to sleep and face masks! Get in touch today to find the perfect silk face mask for you!

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