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3 Reasons Why Silk Scrunchies Are Better Than Elastic Hair Ties

Every girl and long-haired guy out there knows how freeing it can be to tie your hair back and get it out of your face, especially on a windy day! With this said, elastic hair ties being the go-to method is a trend the DREAMSILK team want to challenge as we believe that silk scrunchies are the luxury accessory we’ve all been missing in our lives. As the perfect alternative to the tension that elastic bobbles inflict on your delicate tresses, silk scrunchies are the industry's best kept stylish secret. Read on as we go over three reasons to add them to your routine...

Silk fibres are softer and can prevent frizz

Many people choose to sleep on a silk pillowcase because the soft fibres allow the hair to glide smoothly throughout the night, and these benefits can be applied to scrunchies too. As your hair is held by the scrunchie, the softness of the silk coats each strand for a delicate and anti-frizz approach. This is the direct opposite of elastic hair ties which tightly compact your hair and are made from synthetic materials that can lead to both frizz and static.

Silk scrunchies help protect your hair

Securing your hair overnight in a silk scrunchie and sleeping on a silk pillowcase gives double the benefits as these protective hairstyles are much more effective when elastic hair ties are taken out of the equation. After all, elastic can tug on the strands and makes them more vulnerable to breakage, whereas the gentle hold of a silk scrunchie protects your tresses from such unnecessary and avoidable damage. This means they can be worn all-day and all-night!

Silk scrunchies are hypoallergenic and sensitivity friendly

Silk is a beautifully moisturising fibre that does wonders for the hair, but did you know that it is also hypoallergenic? Thanks to a coating of a protein known as sericin, silk is able to repel allergens like dust mites and is also resistant to harmful things like mould, bacteria and fungi. This makes silk scrunchies the perfect hair care accessory for those with scalp sensitivities and allergies as it won’t cause irritation in the same way that elastic synthetic hair ties may do.

Whilst you may be able to purchase elastic hair ties in the supermarket at a relatively cheap price, they are thought to be one of the main causes of hair breakage. This is because the elastic creates unnecessary tension on each hair strand and leaves them susceptible to damage over time. Here at DREAMSILK, we specialise in the design and distribution of silk products and our luxury array of silk scrunchies are the answer to all your haircare worries and woes. If you’re thinking of swapping out traditional hair ties for something new, this is the sign you’ve been looking for!

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