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3 Benefits of Silk Pillowcases You May Not Know

If you’ve been a lifelong user of cotton pillowcases then you may be hesitant at the idea of swapping it out for a silk alternative, and that’s completely normal! Here at DREAMSILK, we can help you find the perfect attire for all your bedtime needs. Did you know that the rough texture of cotton may actually be the cause of damaged and frizzy tresses? Read on as we explain some of the unspoken benefits of silk that may change your life for the better…

The soft fibres of silk help prevent frizzy hair

The removal of a gummy substance known as sericin during processing is what gives silk its luxuriously soft texture as anybody who has ever held silk attire will be able to attest to the notion that it feels as delicate as a baby's skin. This makes it a great material for your hair as the strands are able to glide gracefully over the surface without any snagging or tearing, a key characteristic of cotton, which often leads to frizzy and unruly morning curls. Instead, silk has the power to protect your locks and leave you with a silky smooth and frizz free alternative.

Silk allows your hair and skin to retain its moisture

Although it is affordable, cotton absorbs moisture incredibly well which doesn’t exactly make it a great option for pillowcases and bedding. In fact, a cotton pillowcase could be the reason why you constantly seem to be battling dryness! Silk offers unbeatable softness that encourages hydration as the fibres do not absorb your natural oil levels. This allows your hair and skin to lock in moisture and reap the full benefits as you sleep, which your hair and the skin on your face will most certainly thank you for. After all, moisturised and plump skin is the most effective way to prevent wrinkles!

Silk is a natural and hypoallergenic fibre

Allergies and sensitivities can make it difficult to get a good night’s sleep when the majority of synthetic fibres are made using chemical processes. As a natural fibre, silk is harvested from silkworms and is naturally hypoallergenic which makes it an effective alternative for those who may be struggling with synthetics. In addition to this, silks’ ability to encourage hydration and moisture may actually help those with skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis where inflammation is exacerbated by dryness.

There’s no time like the present to break away from the unhealthy commitment that you may have with your cotton pillowcase. After all, the familiar is often comforting. The DREAMSILK team is committed to helping curly-haired girls and guys develop a positive hair care routine, and we firmly believe that silk pillowcases are the first step. After all, protective hairstyles can’t help you if cotton fibres are still causing overnight frizz! Get in contact with a member of the DREAMSILK team to find out more about the benefits of silk today.

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