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Understanding the Different Properties of Silk

There is a reason why silk is considered one of the most luxurious materials on the market as it offers a number of amazing benefits. In fact, it can be crafted into a wide range of attire from pillowcases to pyjamas which makes it incredibly versatile and allows you to reap the benefits in whichever way suits your needs the best. Read on as the DREAMSILK team goes over some of the different properties of silk that give it the outstanding reputation it has today...


Silk is coated by a protein known as sericin which acts a ‘glue’ and allows the individual fibres to stick together. This gives the material the softness that it is known for and is why silk is considered to be so gentle on the skin and hair in comparison to alternative materials like cotton, which are rough and can snag on your tresses as you sleep. Since silk offers a reliably  smooth finish, each strand of hair is able to glide across a silk pillowcase without any resistance which reduces frizz and tangles considerably.


Did you know that cotton may be the culprit of your dull complexion and dry skin? After all, the material is great at absorbing moisture which makes it a brilliant choice for fitness wear, however these qualities can cause difficulties when it comes to sleeping. On the other hand, the tightly-woven characteristic of silk gives it a protective quality which prevents overnight moisture-loss. This means that you’ll wake up with hydrated skin and a glowing complexion. Plus, silk is even thought to help reduce the prevalence of wrinkles!


Silkworms spin their cocoons in a special way in order to prevent predators from getting inside and this is what is thought to give silk its hypoallergenic qualities. After all, the fibres naturally repel mould, fungi, dust mites and bed bugs which makes it the perfect material for sleeping in/on! The allergy friendly properties of silk are widely unknown by many as the focus is often on its soft texture, however it is thought that those with severe allergies to the above and even asthma may benefit from an investment in silk attire.

Silk is a natural fibre that is harvested from silkworms during a labour intensive process that often yields a very small amount of silk. This is what gives it its high price tag, however you are investing in your health and wellbeing when you swap out materials like cotton in favour of silk. In fact, it is the way that silkworms spin their cocoon that gives silk these properties and allows it to be so luxuriously smooth, and our silk pyjamas manage to tick all of the boxes above. Get in contact with a member of the DREAMSILK team to find out more information today!

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