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The Incredible Health Benefits of Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

It’s no secret that getting a sound night of sleep can boost your health and immune system! Especially in these tumultuous times, maintaining our physical and mental health is vital for wellbeing. Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, global anxieties have been at an all-time-high and many of us have lost sleep over the crisis. The lockdowns have also left us isolated and made it more difficult to keep on top of our mental health. So, making sure you maximise the length and quality of your sleep has never been more important! Getting enough rest can benefit your health in a number of different ways, let’s take a closer look:

Cognitive function

While your body is resting through the night, your mind is still hard are work sorting through your thoughts and memories from the day! Sleep gives our cognitive processes a vital reset period to process the events of the day, and this helps to boost memory, concentration, and promote healthy cognitive function throughout the day.

Immune system

Giving your body and mind enough time to rest helps boost your immune system. Your body being well rested ensures it is firing immune responses at peak efficiency and that your cells are producing the proteins required to fight off any viruses or infections. Did you know that getting enough sleep also boosts the effects of vaccinations? Yes! According to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, people who aren’t getting enough sleep don’t experience the same antibody response after getting a vaccine as those who are well-rested!

Elated mood

When we awake feeling well-rested and refreshed, we also experience a clarity and elation of mood that those groggy mornings just don’t deliver! This gives us a boost for the day and helps maintain a happy mood throughout. Conversely, even one night’s bad sleep can cause us to be cranky and regularly missing out on sleep makes us far more susceptible to stress and anxiety.

Increased productivity

Being on top form mentally, feeling fit and healthy with a strong immune system, and experiencing happiness through our days all contribute to our productivity at work and home. Getting a good night’s sleep will boost your concentration and energy and this translates into a higher work output!

Getting enough sleep can benefit us in many more ways, too! To get the most out of your sleep, invest in some silk pyjamas today for superior comfort and the amazing health benefits of silk! Come check us out at to see our ranges of pure silk products!

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