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Different Uses for Silk

Silk production first began thousands of years ago in China, and was a closely guarded secret for many years! Now silk is produced around the globe, but remains one of the most luxurious materials money can buy. Silk has a variety of unique properties which make it coveted for a wide range of uses.


The most obvious (and popular) way to utilise silk is to make apparel from it, as China has done for since well become the common era began! From long flowing silk gowns with exquisite detailing to silk ties to accentuate a clean sharp suit, silk has a huge array of applicable uses in fashion, and can be found in casualwear, business wear, and sleepwear.


Bedding is a common use for silk due to its properties. The natural proteins and amino acids in silk strands won’t dry out your skin or cause friction against your hair, preventing bedhead! Silk also helps ease stress and promote calm, making them perfect for sleeping soundly and waking up fresh. Silk is cool to the touch and light against the skin, so you’ll never want to leave the comfort of your sheets!


Using silk on upholstery is far less common than in clothing or bedding. Silk is both expensive and, although very durable for its size, still a thin and delicate material. When it comes to things like sofas and chairs, silk is best reserved for display pieces that won’t see much daily usage!


Using silk as part of your décor is unusual in modern-day but finds its roots all the way back to ancient Chinese silk paintings and murals. Today, silk can be used in framed art pieces, as decorative drapes to frame a room, or even as the wallpaper itself! Silk’s unique shimmer under light adds a distinctive look to any décor pieces adorned with the material.

At Deamsilk we specialise in silk and supply a wide variety of silk products, from silk hair scrunchies to silk pillowcases and even silk sleep masks! If you’re looking to keep your hair fresh overnight, protect yourself throughout the pandemic in style, or simply sleep soundly through the night,


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