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3 Reasons to Use a Silk Face Mask

Forget about leaving your phone, wallet or keys at home - these days it's all about remembering your face mask! Even as the COVID-19 rules begin to relax and we start to get a taste of normality once again, a lot of people are still choosing to cover their face with a mask in order to protect themselves and others from the spread of the virus. The majority of people will opt for single-use medical grade masks (although who knows whether they’re being disposed of each time!) or cotton masks from supermarkets and clothing retailers, however these are known for being rough and damaging! Read on as we go over 3 reasons to invest in a silk face mask...

Soft and gentle on the skin

The skin on your face is delicate and it’s quite unnatural to have a piece of fabric held so closely to it for extended periods of time. As such, a lot of people have found that they are developing rashes and acne from the rough texture of cotton and other fabric face masks! Here at DREAMSILK, we’ve taken our silk expertise and applied it to the new demand for face masks in order to provide you with kind and gentle virus protection that won’t irritate your skin or cause a nasty breakout. In fact, the luxuriously smooth texture of silk can actually provide hydration!

Aesthetic and stylish

Whilst it's safe to say that the focus of the pandemic is not to look stylish, a face mask has become a necessary part of our outfit and there’s no shame in ensuring that they align with your wardrobe. After all, medical grade face masks are made to be thrown away after every use which can be bad for the environment, and that hospital blue shade is definitely an outfit killer! A silk face mask looks and feels aesthetically pleasing and is an effective way to stay safe whilst serving looks.

Breathable and temperature regulating

There’s a reason why people wear silk pyjamas as the fabric is known for its breathability - it’ll keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. A lot of people still believe that face masks can affect your ability to breathe, however many medical experts have proven that a healthy adult with no underlying conditions like asthma are very unlikely to be at risk. The breathability of silk ensures that you’ll be able to carry out daily tasks with little to no problems, and the fibres can also help regulate your temperature too.

Here at DREAMSILK, we know that a lot of people are still concerned about the fast pace in which we are returning to normality. After all, the pandemic hasn’t gone away! Our silk masks are designed using a soft and luxurious fabric that will glide across your skin in order to offer virus protection that is breathable and effective.

Plus, you’ll also look pretty trendy too. To find out more about the benefits of our masks, get in contact with a member of the DREAMSILK team today.

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